Top 5 Brewpub in Australia


Beer & Brewer has released its list of top 50 brewpubs in Australia and we’re proud to say we have placed at #5. That makes us the #1 regional brewpub in Australia!

We have now been in the top 5 in Australia every year since since we opened FogHorn Brewhouse.

The list was compiled with the help of 25 industry experts, including the likes of Ian Kingham, Matt Kirkegaard, Kirrily Waldhorn and Tim Charody, aka The Beer Pilgrim. Each expert voted for their five favourite brewpubs, with the scoring weighted so those at the top of the panelists’ lists scored higher than those at the bottom. There were no strict criteria, judges voted based on a range of factors such as the quality of beers, service, staff knowledge, and venue atmosphere.