4 Saisons in One Day


Date First Tapped: 11 January 2017

4 Saisons in One Day is our modern take on a traditional Saison style beer. 4 Saisons is brewed with a blend of the best barley malts, as well as a high percentage of malted and unmalted wheat. The real hero of the brew however is the French Saison yeast that contributes earthy, fruity esters and a cracking dry finish. The perfect beer for the hot Australian summer, this is the driest finishing beer we’ve ever released – light bodied, dry and refreshing. Lemon, citrus and almost black pepper notes from the blend of the yeast and the NZ Pacifica hops makes 4 Saisons in One Day perfect for pairing with oysters, squid and white fleshed fish – a better match than any dry white wine with seafood. Light bodied, dry and complex.