Growlers & Squealers

All of the beers currently on tap are available in takeaway containers. Refillable Growlers and Squealers are 1.89 litres (Growlers) or 946ml (Squealers). We fill them up straight from the tap while you wait, and you can bring the bottles back to refill.

Crack open your beer, savour it and enjoy the fact that it will stay fresh for around 24 – 48hrs. After that we recommend you dispose of it, but chances are that isn’t going to be necessary.

Squealers and Growlers can be used as long as you take good care of them. To keep you Growler or Squealer in prime condition wash it with extra hot water and then rinse until the water runs clean after each use.

Growler prices start from $15 and Squealer prices from $10 (bottle and cap only). The total price varies depending on which brew you choose.