Our Newcastle Team

Shawn Sherlock

Chief Brewing Officer (CBO)

Shawn is a beer and brewing obsessive. He started brewing at home over 20 years ago and has been brewing commercially since 2006. Shawn worked as both Brewer and Head Brewer at Murray’s Craft Brewing Co from 2006 to October 2014, earning a reputation for brewing award winning, innovative, full flavoured beers. In late 2012 Shawn was awarded Australian Brewer of the Year. FogHorn Brewhouse is the culmination of many years of studying the local and international Craft Beer sector – and a lot of daydreaming about setting up a Brewhouse in Newcastle.

Joe Lappin

Assistant Brewer

Joe has been a regular on the Newcastle hospitality circuit for over 10 years, appearing at venues as diverse as King Street Hotel, The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle Yacht Club & Carrington Bowling Club.

His love and passion for craft beer took him to a sales role at Murray’s Craft Brewing Co, and his desire to learn more about the Craft of Beer lead him to FogHorn Brewhouse. He’s done the hard yards over the last few years, learning his craft from one of the best brewers in the country and is now integral to our brewery. He’s been responsible for many of our award-winning brews, and continues to bring his innovation and creativity in creating new and delicious beers to share with you.

Tori Tokpah

Head Chef

Born and bred in Newcastle, Tori has honed her craft in some of the most popular restaurants and eateries across the city and has gained a deep understanding of what makes Novacastrian foodies tick.

Owning the space beyond the pass of the FogHorn kitchen, Tori drives our hospitality team to ensure exceptional quality, memorable dishes and delivers customer satisfaction in every bite.

Beyond the day to day, Tori is the creative force behind our seasonal menus, Beer dinners and working closely with our Brewers, has designed some of our most unique dining experiences to date.

When she’s not in the Kitchen you’ll find her spending quality time with her young family, travelling and creating.