Dads With Prams Now On Tap


Posted: 2 February 2017

Better than James Brown Ale has fallen!  Luckily there is a fresh light beer ready to take it’s place.  We’re expecting it to be particularly popular with the Daddy groups!

Dads with Prams is a hoppy Pale Ale with a difference. Brewed with the best malts and the intensely fruity NZ grown Riwaka hop, Dads with Prams packs plenty of flavour and aroma into a tiny ABV package. At 2.4% it is the lightest alcohol brew FogHorn has released – and one of the lightest Craft Beers in Australia. Light bodied, crisp and very drinkable but still with good aroma and flavour Dads with Prams is perfect for when you need all the flavour but less of the booze. Perfect warm weather drinking.

Malts: Gladfield Pale Malt (NZ), Weyermann Carapils (Germany), Weyermann Carahell (Germany), Baird’s Medium Crystal (UK)
Hops: Riwaka NZ