Foggy Brew(ing)


Posted: 22 June 2016 by Riley

It’s brew day at FogHorn and we’re pleased to announce that we’re expecting a new batch of Foggy Brew is a couple of weeks! Foggy Brew is a crowd favourite, a very unique beer and returns after a few months hiatus. We describe it as a pale ale with a Belgian twist. The beer (or rather wort at this stage) is in our whirlpool vessel and Shawn is currently shoveling the spent grain out of the mash tun after which it will be delivered to some lucky cattle! The wort will soon leave the safety of the whirlpool and flow into the fermentors where we shall assault it with hungry yeast. A small percentage of this yeast will be a Belgian strain. Today it is a Belgian strain we have not used before (which has Shawn quite excited just quietly). We love to experiment and getting to play with a new yeast strain is just one of the reasons we love craft beer.

Summary: Foggy Brew is returning. Cattle are getting fed. Shawn is excited.